Our company was founded in 1950, by Iordanis Karakoulakis, and specialized in the field of manufacturing and fabric production. In 1994, his son, Antonios Karakoulakis, continued the legacy of the company, shaping the firm “Α. ΚΑΡΑΚΟΥΛΑΚΗΣ Ο.Ε”, as it is today, located in Al. Panagouli 3 street, Nea Ionia.

The company operates in the field of interior and exterior design of hotels, residencies and businesses, offices, restaurants etc. Specifically, the firm specializes in fabric retail, upholstery and wallpaper, installation of curtains’ and shadowing systems’ as well as white goods retail to residences and hotel units. Additionally, the company provides water repellent and stain resistant fabrics for use in outdoor spaces, pillows, sunbeds, beanbags etc.

Our many years of experience in the field of design will satisfy your every need, generating spectacular and, at the same time, a practical outcome.

Our goal is to contribute to bringing your vision to life, by transforming your environment!